Posted by: Thruhike98 | July 20, 2007

Giving Blood

#61 donate blood by adesigna

"#61 donate blood" by adesigna

I heard on the news that our region has a severe shortage of blood supplies. They like to have five day’s worth on hand, and they have 0.3 day of O pos. and and O neg., and 0.2 day of B neg.

I called the Red Cross (800-GIVE LIFE) and spoke with a very professional customer service rep. They make you feel as if you are the best person ever for deciding to give blood. I had an appointment for the next afternoon.

It was not bad at all. I got a coke, cookies, three bottles of water, (two for the road), a cool retro-looking (70’s) t-shirt, and a shuttle back to the metro station.

If you haven’t, give it some thought.



  1. Oh, good for you! I think I’m about to hit the 5 gallon mark pretty soon — what I won’t do for cookies …

  2. Five gallons? Cool!

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