Posted by: Thruhike98 | July 8, 2008


No Sense... by Thruhike98

"No Sense..." by Thruhike98

My wife and I saw this truck, and it’s written-in-dirt messages, at an Interstate highway interchange this weekend. We were impressed by the author’s gift for lyric poetry, grasp of current events, and penmanship, so we took a picture. This person is obviously concerned about rising oil and gas prices and a supporter of the Republican candidate for President, John McCain. He is also no fan of the Democratic candidate, Barack Obama.

I had to chuckle when I came home and googled his employer, Raven Transport Co., before posting the photo.

If this guy is writing political speech on a company vehicle to better secure his economic future, he might want to know this first. (Check out the Employer/Occupation field.)

Oops. That might have a more immediate impact on Mr. R2460’s job security. 😉

It is possible this driver didn’t do it, or is not even aware it’s there. It’s more fun to think otherwise.

(Click through to the photo for a better look at the writing, and my notes on the image.)



  1. you are so stupid. trust me target doesn’t care about where you live. Everywhere is doing that now, idiot.

  2. J C: I think you’re referring to this post over here.

    The information Target is collecting holds great value when consolidated (and a corporation the size of Target can generate a huge amount of this data). Purchasing habits + identity is a gold mine for businesses. Marketing agencies, insurance companies, the government, and even political campaigns love this stuff and pay to get it.

    There are many instances of shopping data being used against individuals – insurance companies refusing to pay for cancer treatments after they purchase frequent-shopper records showing you bought two packs of smokes a day, a guy was arrested for arson because he bought fireplace logs at Safeway, the FBI investigated people based on the type of food they bought at the grocery store.

    “Everyone’s doing it” is an excuse that only works on those of us who are five years old.

    “Idiot?” You posted this on the wrong post. 🙂

  3. Target scans your license for ANY credit card purchase, doesn’t have to be alcohol or an age restricted item. And they DO sell the information.

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