Posted by: Thruhike98 | July 10, 2008

Utah Phillips

Utah Phillips; 1935 - 2008 by Thruhike98

"Utah Phillips; 1935 - 2008" by Thruhike98

I’m just listening to this Utah Phillips album again tonight, and by “tonight” I mean “early morning.”

It is a spoken word album recorded in 1996 with Ani Difranco, so he is backed up by good music, too. It should be required listening for all, especially self-proclaimed Patriots. Especially tracks four and five. Especially today.

He has great perspective on what’s important, what’s b.s., the difference between loyalty to a country and loyalty to a government, and best of all – the value of messing with people. He has a great sense of humor. I enjoy it every time I hear it.

Do yourself a favor and listen to it all (here are samples), it’s very good.

A friend introduced me to his work. This friend was a lot like Mr. Phillips. They shared the observin’ and drinkin’ and cussin’ and even the train-hoppin’ traits. I’ve lost touch with him but hope he’s well. Hell, I hope he’s still living.

Unfortunately we don’t have Utah Phillips with us anymore. He was an interesting man. We could use more like him. Especially today.

Mr. Bruce Duncan “Utah” Phillips; May 15, 1935 – May 23, 2008



  1. recorded with Ani DiFranco … well then he must’ve been cool!

    Don’t have functional speakers on my laptop, so will have to listen later 😦

  2. Yes, he was cool. Let me know what you think of it!

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