Posted by: Thruhike98 | July 25, 2009

Verizon Wireless Software Observations

Verizon Reliable by The Consumerist

Verizon Reliable by The Consumerist

This is a follow-up to my previous post.  Last Fall I got new Verizon Wireless cell phones for my wife and me.  We were using the lower-end LG VX-3000’s series phones that come with LG’s (much better) software instead of Verizon’s.  The New York Times praised the VX3400 for its efficient/easy to use interface.

I first found a software problem after using the calendar in my new phone.  The more I used the phone, the more bugs I found. This post is to document the software bugs I found in Verizon’s proprietary cellphone software, and see if others have the same experience.  These errors are reproducible on at least the LG VX5500, VX8360, and enV2 phones.

Persistent software bugs (or just poor design) that I have observed:

  • Initial missed-call tone, when the caller goes to voicemail, is very loud and intrusive.  If you press a side button to silence the ringing phone, this tone still fires off when the call is transferred to voicemail.  I would like to disable this or at least change the tone or volume.
  • Calendar changes date/year of recurring yearly events to things like “Oct 20, 1371” when editing that event.
  • If other recurring yearly events are on calendar, the phone creates new events titled “Ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ” and sets off the default Verizon ring tone at all hours.
  • “Lost call” (“lost service”?) tone is very loud, and goes off right in user’s ear as they are listening closely to a fading call – even with ERI set to “off.”  No other settings are available for this, and it seems much louder than the rest of the tones.
  • Dialing number size is large no matter the setting.
  • Changing (or adding to) the quick contacts under the messaging button changes them all to their default number, even if their email address or another number was previously chosen.
  • A “Notes” field in Contacts would be great.  This was in phones with LG’s software.  Now I put things like addresses in the email fields, with periods between words so it will be accepted.

I would love to provide my observations to someone involved with phone software.  I have recorded the details, and the steps to reproduce the problem.  I have spoken with tech support and there is currently no fix for these.  I have also submitted this list through VZW’s website, but received no reply.

The Verizon reps I spoke with were always pleasant and professional.  They did not try to tell me there was no issue, even though they had not heard of some of these.  They saw the problem and did not hesitate to try a new phone.  I had about five.  (I used my upgrade during this process to give my wife a phone, which reset my “count.” That is why it took more than three phones before trying a different model.)  They also volunteered to move my contacts and other data without charge.  This gave me a positive experience and I will go out of my way to return to this particular store in the future.


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