Posted by: Thruhike98 | December 14, 2010

Saving Contacts to microSD Card

I was unable to find out how to save Verizon Wireless contacts to microSD card by searching the interwebs.  Some suggestions did not work, and many said you could not do this on a non-smartphone.  However, since I saw the “contact” folder on a newly-formatted microSD card, I thought there must be a way.

Nation, there is a way.  I did it using these steps on an LG Clout, or VX8370.  I expect it should be very similar on other phones with the standard Verizon Wireless software.

1. Make sure the phone’s battery is fully charged.

2. Format the card using the phone’s format function.  Caution, this will erase everything on the card.  (This might not be necessary, but it creates the required folder and also removes variables from the situation.)

3.  In the menu, go to Settings & Tools > Memory > Phone Memory >My Contacts.

4. Do not select “Move!”  This removes them from the phone and puts them only on the card.

5. Select Options > Copy, then Mark All, and Done.

This will start the process of copying all the files to your card.  (There is no “paste.”)  It will take a while – about 1 minute per 100 contacts.  Your Speed Dial, Favorites, and ICE settings will not copy, but the contacts they pointed to will.  You just have to re-set these later.  Each contact will be saved as a vCard file.

To copy contacts back over from from the card to the phone, do the same thing as above, except go to Card Memory, instead of Phone Memory.


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